Python in the Time of Corona

Pasadena Python: Lightning Talk - Python in the time of Corona

Talk Abstract

Many workers in the tech industry have had the luxury of being able to work remotely, whether occasionally remote or completely remote. In this time of (novel) Coronavirus/COVID-19, an unprecedented number of companies are sending large if not entire portions of their workforce home to work remotely and prevent spread of the virus.

Given this current state of affairs: How do we manage our time? How do we stay motivated to continue working on aspirational projects or self-directed learning when our home and work life and our schedules are upside down? How do we manage anxiety and mental health with so much uncertainty? These are questions that I have been attempting to answer for myself as I start a new job at a new company in the midst of all this and find myself trying to understand this brave new sick world.

While I am still trying to navigate the answers to these questions, I can talk about my own methods and some mini Python learning projects that I am attempting to work on in the meantime.