This is my ‘now’ page, based on the project.

  • Coding: Continued progress with Python and C. (ask me about my study group!)
  • Staying Healthy: Biking - Yoga - Running - Less Sugar
  • Personal: spending time with @SeanLeftBelow & Orion the Cat. Gardening.
  • Making: always
  • Highly Interested in: Demoscene, codes and ciphers, transmedia storytelling, conductive art, Open Data
  • Now Watching: Mr. Robot
  • Listening: GUNSHIP, Still Corners, Synthwave/Vaporwave, lots of SomaFM
  • Work + Tech: Google Cloud, Information Security, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins


Reading List:

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_Last Updated: 2020-09-30