comics about tech!

an incomplete, biased, and unordered list of comics about tech

Comics Explaining Tech

Julia Evans - print and online zines and drawings about tech

Sailor Mercury, Bubble Sort Zines - print only, purchase on her awesome website

XKCD - just because

Illustrated Books about Tech

Manga Guide to…
Various illustrated guides, including databases and cryptography

Two Scoops of Django by @pydanny and @audreyr
plenty of ice cream illustrations

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.
poign·ant (ˈpoin(y)ənt): touching, moving, sad, affecting, heart-rending, tearjerking, plaintive. This read was a journey, but for me was time well spent.

Illustrated Guide to Ruby

Working in Tech

Tech, Gaming and Nerd Life


Not specifically about tech but other fun & famous webcomics **

Not a comic at all but this always makes me laugh

  • or tech-adjacent topics! also, oxford intentional
    ** @TODO Figure out if this is properly “web comic” or “webcomic”
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